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What is a Dental Crown?

April 12, 2018

Find out why this is one of the most common dental restorations used today. A dental crown: a tooth-shaped restoration that is completely hollow. Why would our Charlotte, NC, dentists Dr. Richard Bateman, Dr. Joshua Neubauer and Dr. Emerald Powell recommend that you get a dental crown? What is its purpose and how can it […]

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How Dental Crowns Help

September 19, 2017

Dental crowns can improve the appearance of teeth, as well as strengthen teeth that are weak or damaged. Crowns transform the look of teeth that are unusually shaped or have stains, cracks and other imperfections. They can also restore normal functioning, such as biting and chewing, in weak or damaged teeth that were previously unable […]

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What are Dental Crowns?

August 26, 2015

Has your dentist at Park Crossing Dentistry in Charlotte, NC mentioned that you might need a dental crown, either now or in the near future? If so, chances are you want to learn as much about this dental device as possible. Read on to learn more about dental crowns and if they might be right […]

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