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If you or your loved ones are looking for a dentist in Charlotte, NC, then look no further than the experienced, trustworthy, and welcoming team at Park Crossing Dentistry, Charlotte, NC, for any of your general dentistry and restorative dentistry needs.

We offer a full range of dental services, including fillings, for children and adults and will be happy to work with you to determine the most appropriate courses of action for any number of your dental issues. So whether it is a full dental emergency or if you are simply in the market for cosmetic dentistry work to get some more confidence in your smile, and many other services in between, we are here.

We look forward to being your Charlotte, NC dentist and invite you to schedule an appointment or contact our office for more information. Also serving patients in the Pineville, NC area!
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Providing Outstanding Dental Services in the Charlotte Area

Read more below to get a better idea of our most common services, as well as to understand how choosing the right family dentist can be such an important decision for you and your family’s dental health and ongoing care. We will also help you understand some examples of situations that can be considered dental emergencies, whether for you, another adult, or a child. If you are uncertain about whether or not to consider your current situation as an emergency, we encourage you to contact our office immediately to speak with our team. We will be able to go through the details of your current situation and decide whether or not you need immediate attention, or if we should schedule a consultation to get you the proper care soon.


Dentist, Charlotte, NC

Contact us now to speak with our team about scheduling a visit for you or your family for your Charlotte, NC dental services. The following information is intended to provide you with a general overview of our services and some distinctions about specific terms, practice areas, and procedures in dentistry, but in no way should they be used in place of professional advice for your situation. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you will get specific help and advice about your dental needs.

Our Dental Services

We understand how helpful it can be to visit a single dental practice for a wide range of services, which is why we think it is so important to offer such a broad array of services in Charlotte, NC, under one roof for our patients. Whether or not you see your specific needs listed below, contact us as soon as possible to speak with professional staff about how we can help you and get consultation about the most appropriate way forward for your health care needs.

A bridge is a natural-looking option for someone with a section of missing teeth that they would like to fill. Bridges are custom-made in order to restore your bite and the contour of your teeth for a healthy smile and full use of your jaw.

If you need to repair a dental defect such as a malformed bite or crooked teeth, treat an injury, or just improve the overall appearance of your teeth, then there are a variety of options available for cosmetic dentistry that will help to give you confidence in your smile.

If you have a tooth that has become broken down due to trauma, decay, fracture, wear, or after the tooth has had a root canal, then a crown or veneer is a good option for you. It functions as a cap that fits over the entire tooth in order to restore it to its original appearance.

Trauma to the mouth, such as falling from a bike, getting hit with a baseball, need of fillings, or any number of other ways that a tooth can be knocked out or broken, likely constitutes a dental emergency. Stay calm, and contact our Charlotte dental office as soon as possible to get professional guidance through your situation so we can give you the treatment you need as quickly as possible.

We offer various restoration services for a range of tooth issues, commonly a procedure to remove the wisdom teeth. However, in some cases, a patient may have a tooth that cannot be saved, and we will need to opt for an extraction procedure instead of a veneer, crown, or filling. In this case, we will surgically remove the tooth and then consider how we will handle the following steps, if there are any.

Some children can be stressed or overwhelmed about coming to the hygienist, which is why it is so vital that we take the time to make sure your child enjoys their visit with us. Establishing a positive association with the hygienist is one way to ensure that your child develops proper dental habits for their life, and we are happy to help them along this journey.

If you find that you are self-conscious about your dull or yellowed teeth, contact us now to learn how we can help you through a teeth whitening program that will give you the smile you want and deserve. Our whitening options include:


All 18+ patients of Park Crossing Dental have access to the benefits of our FREE teeth whitening for life program in Charlotte, NC.

In-Home Teeth Treatments

We will take impressions of patients’ teeth to create custom trays, and then supply patients with instructions and bleach on performing their own process at home.

In-Office Power Bleaching

Otherwise known as One-Hour Whitening Treatments, this service is quick and effective, and uses no UV light to restore our patients’ smiles.

As one of our valued patients, we will work with you to develop and maintain a program that gives you the ongoing preventative care you need and deserve to keep your smile healthy.

This type of cosmetic dentistry could take a range of forms, depending on the help you need to give your smile the makeover you are hoping for. So contact us as soon as possible to start your consultations so that we can determine the appropriate course of action to give you a smile that you are proud to show to the world.

Whether some or all of your teeth are missing, we will work with you to create a custom set of partial or full dentures to give our patients’ natural-looking smile and a comfortable bite mechanism.

The oft-maligned root canal is a procedure that may be necessary to treat an infected root canal that otherwise cannot repair itself. If you are suffering from severe tooth pain, prolonged sensitivity to heat and cold on a tooth, discoloration, or other ongoing indications that something is wrong with your tooth, contact us now to consider your options for treatment.

Sometimes we find patients who have developed periodontal disease from poor oral health due to lack of proper home care, certain medical conditions, or poor eating habits. Periodontal disease is an active infection in the mouth and is very serious. If untreated, it will lead to tooth loss. Early stages of periodontal disease are treated with non-surgical methods.

Despite your best efforts to keep your mouth clean, maintain the best of oral health by flossing every day, and regularly visiting your dentist, you may still end up needing dental implants. For a consultation regarding dental implants, schedule an appointment with Park Crossing Dentistry, a Charlotte dentist./p>

What is Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry is simply the term for a Charlotte dental office that can help your entire family, no matter their age, from pediatric care to adult care and everywhere in between. Knowing that you can rely on the same dental office for your entire family can make it easier to keep up with preventative care procedures for everyone in the family, which is why we think that it is so important to find a family dentist that can give you all of the support and care that you and your family need.

We specialize in pediatric dentistry to help your children establish a positive relationship with dental care, develop lifelong good dental care, and more. In addition, we can help with all adult needs, as well as adolescent care such as braces or wisdom tooth removal.

What is Pediatric Dentistry?


Pediatric dentistry is an integral part of dental care that focuses on providing children with stress-free care that will help them to establish good dental habits and positive associations with the dentist from early in their life. Teaching children to care for their teeth from a young age is the best way to avoid or combat unnecessary dental issues later in life, and we will be happy to help you with this critical journey.

If you are looking for a dental office that can provide your child with an enjoyable and educational experience, look no further than Park Crossing Dentistry. Our team focuses on giving your child the best possible experience each time they visit for a routine checkup, teeth cleaning, or procedure.

What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

During normal business hours, you can contact our team based in Charlotte, NC, at any time to get advice over the phone about how to handle your current situation. But what do you do when you are away, or if we are closed? You will then need to determine whether or not you are experiencing a dental emergency, and whether or not to visit an emergency room or emergency dental clinic.

Your instinct in this situation will be the most important thing to consider, but we have provided you with a few examples of times where you should treat the issue as an emergency, for both adults and children.

Children’s Dental Emergencies

Losing a tooth is a severe problem for an adult, but children lose their “baby teeth” as a normal part of their development process. Therefore, losing a tooth does not immediately constitute an emergency with a child. However, if your child is experiencing acute pain, has had a tooth knocked out due to trauma or impact, is bleeding profusely, or has an infection. Then, the situation could be considered an emergency.

Adult Dental Emergencies

Adults generally have a better understanding of their health situation than children do, so they may be able to consider the circumstances with better objectivity. However, losing a tooth as an adult should always be considered an emergency, and you should get to an emergency room or dentist as soon as possible with the tooth, if possible. In addition to lost teeth, other emergencies are similar to those of a child, including serious pain, heavy bleeding, or infection.