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Are you concerned about your dental care? Looking to improve your oral health or replace missing teeth and improve your smile with dental implants? The beauty of your smile is essential, and you need only the best service for your teeth and gums. At Park Crossing Dentistry, your needs are our priorities!

We offer quality dental services in private and in a comfortable environment where you or your family can relax and communicate freely. Our team is specialized in many services, including teeth whitening, veneers, non-surgical periodontal treatment, X-rays, zirconia crowns, and even Invisalign services.

You can find us in North Carolina, specifically Charlotte, NC. Our only office is there; however, we see clients from numerous other locations, including Fort Mill, SC, Rock Hill, SC, Indian Land, SC, Lancaster, SC, and even from Matthews, NC, and Pineville, NC.

Our clients have counted on our expertise for years, and we are here for them. We pride ourselves on being recommended by the many mothers in the region as a comfortable and professional dental office. If you still feel uncertain whether or not Park Crossing Dentistry is for you, call us today and schedule an appointment for a dental visit and see for yourself!
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Providing Outstanding Dental Services in the Charlotte Area

If you or your loved ones are looking for a dentist in Charlotte, NC, look no further than Park Crossing Dentistry. We are a welcoming and trustworthy team that will prioritize you and your needs to create the smile you deserve.

What Makes Your Services Outstanding?

Choosing the right family dentists for your loved ones can be a difficult decision. Dental care is not just medical well-being but a source of confidence and beauty. Our information center will answer any question you have to get a better understanding of our services. Some examples include what is considered a dental emergency for both children and adults or how to prevent gum disease.


Our dentists believe that everyone deserves a beautiful smile! This is why we take care of clients of all ages, from young babies to older adults. Each dental service will be appropriately customized to your needs and will be adapted to the conditions that you set.


We have prepared our dentist’s office to be as comforting as possible so that everyone feels welcomed and relaxed. Our dentists do not rush with premature diagnoses or unnecessary large treatment plans and always collaborate with you before making a decision.

Say goodbye to your dental imperfections, and don’t let them hold you back any longer! Call our dental office and get our best deal on dental implants, veneers, Invisalign, and more. How does it work? Book a dental visit, get a personalized treatment plan, and enjoy your five-star smile. Choose your dentist in Charlotte and leave your worries behind!

Our Dental Treatments & Services

A good dentist’s office should focus on comprehensive dental services, regardless if it is cosmetic or restorative dentistry. Your dental care is essential for your oral health, so the sooner you contact our Charlotte dentistry, the sooner you will get specific help and advice for your problems. Once you reach us, you will be on your way to a healthy and beautiful smile. Here are some of our dental treatments and services:

Also known as bonding, a bridge is a natural-looking alternative for someone that needs to fill a missing section from a tooth. It is a very simple procedure that, despite being custom-made for your bite and contour of the teeth, takes little time and preparation. It will not only improve your smile but your jaw function as well.

Any form of dental improvement without the exclusive need for function can be considered cosmetic dentistry. If you need to fix a dental defect, a malformed bite, or crooked teeth, a cosmetic dentist in Charlotte, NC will be your best solution. Even root canal therapy is considered a cosmetic procedure, so consult with our specialists and see what available techniques are out there for you. We are here to boost your confidence and give everyone big, healthy smiles!

If your teeth have been damaged by decay, trauma, fracture, or a root canal, choosing between a crown or a veneer is your best option. Made of porcelain, these implants will either cover the entire tooth or just the front in order to restore it to its original appearance.

Accidents can happen all the time, from falling, getting hit, or any sort of sudden negligence. If after your accident, you notice that a tooth is chipped or knocked out or your gums are bleeding, this is considered a dental emergency. Stay calm and contact our Charlotte dentist and get professional advice and help as soon as possible.

In some special cases, the extraction of the tooth may be necessary for your dental health. This situation typically includes the removal of wisdom teeth or extreme decay that makes a tooth impossible to save. In this case, we will surgically remove it and will evaluate together with you the next steps.

Family is the center of life, and children are the running force. We understand that, which is why we have designed our clinics to be as welcoming as possible. Your child needs to start seeing a hygienist in order to make sure that they will develop proper cleaning habits.

Our Charlotte dentists have designed simple teeth cleaning programs so that you can get the smile you deserve without any staining left! Our clinic offers Whitening for life, where all patients that are 18+ have access to FREE teeth whitening program in Charlotte, NC. We also offer In-Home Teeth treatments, where our experts will create custom trays and supplies for patients that want to carry out the bleaching process at home. And if you think it can get complicated, look into our In-Office Power Bleaching, where in just one hour, you can bring your smile back.

The best solution in the long term for a perfect smile is preventative care. This is why at Park Crossing Dentistry, we will work closely with you in order to develop custom plans that will maintain the health of your teeth. Book your appointment today and see how you can take care of your teeth!

Consulting a cosmetic dentist will help you with your simple makeover. This type of procedure ranges differently from patient to patient. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can start giving you a smile worth millions!

Missing teeth can be difficult not only for your eating habits but for your mental health as well. Our dentist will make sure that your partial or full dentures will be as natural-looking and easy as possible. We want you to enjoy your new teeth and the new tastes and textures that food brings us every day. Your smile is our job!

If you are suffering from tooth pain and prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold, you may have an infected root canal. This type of dental problem can even require an emergency dentist. Contact us immediately after detecting these symptoms!

Gum disease can be described as an active infection that can seriously affect your teeth. Development as a result of poor oral health or medical conditions, this periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss if untreated. Contact your dentist in Charlotte, NC as soon as possible to avoid any surgical interventions.

Even if you keep your oral health as good as possible, seeing a dentist in Charlotte is the key to making your smile last forever. Regular visits can show if you will need implants or other dental work. Schedule an appointment today at Park Crossing Dentistry in Charlotte, NC, and take care of your teeth!

Why You Should Choose Park Crossing Dentistry?

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Even if you have dental emergencies or are just looking for cosmetic dentistry services, we got you covered! We offer a full range of dental services, including fillings for children and adults. Contact our Charlotte dentistry today and get the treatment you or your loved ones need!

You are most probably aware by now that preventive care is the best solution for healthy smiles. However, most often, lifestyle choices or genetics can interfere in this situation.

Your dental experience with different Charlotte dentists may differ; however, you can count on us to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. Our convenient location and flexible schedule will help you organize your time and visits more efficiently to that you can achieve your most beautiful and healthy smile!


Do you have any questions about dental treatments? At Park Crossing Dentistry, we are happy to answer all of your questions. Our team is looking forward to walking you through our dental process to ease any of your concerns.

Prevention is key in dentistry. Visiting a dentist twice a year will drastically reduce your chances of serious active decay, tooth loss, or gum infections. And maintenance is way easier than surgical operations.

Some problems may be so small that they cannot be seen with an open eye. A quick X-ray scan will determine if you have tooth decay between your teeth, deep skin infections, or even tumors.

Brushing your teeth regularly while avoiding sugar will do the trick in cavity prevention. Regular dentist visits and professional clean-ups will drastically lower your chances of tooth decay as well.