Teeth Cleaning in Charlotte, NC

Every six months, you should have your teeth examined by a dentist and cleaned professionally by a dental hygienist. You use your teeth multiple times a day, so it’s important to have a tooth cleaning in Charlotte to keep up with your oral health. A dentist examines the enamel on your teeth and any crowns, veneers, or implants that you have and may take X-rays to look at the roots.

A tooth cleaning in Charlotte also gives the patient the fresh feeling of having a clean mouth. Regular cleanings aid in maintaining fresher breath and a more confident smile. It’s also a great time to ask your dentist about teeth whitening or cosmetic services you may be interested in.

Regular teeth cleanings can prevent cavities, root canals, gum disease, and other common oral health issues. Call 704-291-2951 now to schedule your teeth cleaning in Charlotte at Park Crossing Dentistry.

Benefits To Cosmetic Appearance

During your teeth cleaning in Charlotte, a dental hygienist meticulously removes plaque above and below the gum line. They use a scaler to remove tartar buildup and then brush your teeth. Immediately after your Charlotte teeth cleaning, you will instantly notice the aesthetic difference, especially at the gum line where plaque is likely to build up. 

This clean doesn’t last long, so regular flossing, brushing, and rinsing with mouthwash are essential for keeping your mouth fresh between visits.

Doctor Working On A Customers Teeth

Your teeth cleaning in Charlotte is also a good time to ask about cosmetic procedures you may be considering. Before any cosmetic dentistry procedure, we want to understand your current oral health and perform any required procedures before performing any elective procedures. When you come in for regular cleanings, you build a patient history and rapport with us. Ask us on your next visit about our cosmetic dentistry services, such as:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Crowns and veneers
  • Contouring and reshaping

Lastly, getting a teeth cleaning in Charlotte feels good and can boost your self-esteem. Nothing shuts down a conversation as quickly as bad breath, but when you feel confident in your oral health, then you also feel more confident in your social interactions. Park Crossing Dentisty can help you achieve the smile you want while keeping bad breath-causing bacteria at bay.

Benefits To Overall Oral Health

In addition to aesthetic reasons, good oral health allows you to enjoy food and overall wellness. 

Gum Health

During your teeth cleaning in Charlotte, dental hygienists look for signs of gingivitis, like inflammation, bleeding, and gum tenderness. If we notice signs of gum disease, we devise a treatment plan to help restore your oral health. 

Patients at more risk of gum disease should see their dentist every six months to prevent infection and ensure that at-home treatments are working effectively. 

Identify Risk Factors

Interestingly, some dental problems take years to develop. Unlike an ear infection, you can feel immediately, dental issues aren’t always so obvious. Some dental issues seem like medical issues at first, such as persistent headaches. When you get regular cleanings, a dentist can identify and treat issues before they affect the rest of the tooth. 

A cavity could take several months or up to five years before it needs to be addressed. Using 3-D scans, we can identify vulnerable areas in the enamel and treat cavities before they spread.

It’s good to check in with a dentist twice a year and let them know of any concerns you have. A common concern is sensitive teeth, which can sometimes be alleviated with prescription toothpaste. A dentist can also check for signs of grinding, a condition that causes increased tooth sensitivity, headaches, and tight jaw muscles. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about oral health and improving your overall wellness.

Teeth Cleaning In Charlotte For The Whole Family

Park Crossing Dentistry offers Charlotte teeth cleaning services for the whole family. Our friendly pediatric dentists help kids establish good hygiene practices to prevent cavities and clean out bacteria. We enjoy watching them grow over the years, helping them maintain healthy smiles, and helping them keep those good habits through adulthood.

Charlotte Teeth Cleaning

Park Crossing Dentistry is proud to be named the #1 dental office in the Charlotte area. Call 704-291-2951 to schedule your teeth cleaning with Park Crossing Dentistry, and enjoy the benefits of improved oral health.

You should get teeth cleaning in Charlotte, NC every six months and an X-ray once a year. However, if at any time before your next scheduled visit, you have any oral concerns, then contact us so we can schedule you to come in and find out what’s going on. We are dedicated to helping you achieve dental health and overall wellness.

For more information on Teeth Cleaning in the Charlotte, NC area, contact Park Crossing Dentistry by filling in our Contact Form or calling 704-541-5059 today!