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Tooth Extractions

A tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from the socket. It is a relatively simple procedure that is recommended when the tooth cannot be saved through other means. Physical trauma, tooth decay, and periodontal disease can damage a tooth beyond restoration.

A tooth extraction could be necessary for several reasons, but no matter the cause, it’s important to be in the care of an experienced oral surgeon in Charlotte. The whole procedure, including administering the anesthetic, can take up to 90 minutes.

Anytime a person has surgery, they are vulnerable to infection. Your Charlotte oral surgeon will provide you with a detailed list of what you should do before your surgery to prevent complications. You’ll be given a prescription for an antibiotic, mouthwash, and perhaps even a steroid medication to preemptively fight swelling. To have a successful tooth extraction, you should abstain from drinking or smoking before your surgery and inform your Charlotte oral surgeon about your medical history.

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Ridge Augmentation

A ridge augmentation is when a bone graft is placed in the tooth socket, usually immediately after the tooth is removed, to fill in the gap left by the tooth. Because both teeth and implants require bone to support their structures, ridge augmentation can help rebuild the bone to accommodate the implant.

It could take three months or longer for the bone graft to heal enough to move on to the next step, the dental implant, which is a titanium screen. We take X-rays to determine the health of your bone graft and bone density before placing the implant.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is a device made of titanium surgically implanted into the jaw. It supports a crown, bridge, or other facial prostheses. Dental Implants can last a lifetime and feel like natural teeth. They help keep other surrounding teeth stable and make chewing easier. However, they are a multistep process that could take up to a year to complete.

During the procedure, your Charlotte oral surgeon will place your implant directly into your jawbone. Because the bone takes a long time to heal around the implant, it can be three to six months before your next procedure. This process is called osseointegration, which is when the bone bonds around the titanium. The bone must heal before an abutment can be placed.

An abutment helps connect the implant with the permanent fake tooth or crown. Before then, the abutment is placed with a temporary tooth. We take impressions and images of your gums and implant to build your final crown or fake tooth. About one or two weeks after your temporary tooth has been placed, we remove it and place your final implant restoration. 

After you fully heal, you can return to eating like you had before the tooth was replaced. You can enjoy eating all types of foods again since implant materials are durable. Our dentists are board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons in Charlotte who can answer any questions you have about the procedure.

Post-Operation Care and Healing Management

After your oral surgery in Charlotte, we give you instructions on mouth care, what you can eat, and what you should avoid within the first few hours, days, and weeks after your surgery. Most people eat soft foods on the first day, like scrambled eggs and soft bread, and progressively add solid foods within the first few days after surgery. 

You should abstain from using alcohol or any other prescription medications the entire time you are on antibiotics to avoid bad interactions.

There are many health benefits to quitting smoking, but it is imperative when having a tooth extracted. The reason why you go home with gauze in your mouth is to help the blood clot, which is a necessary part of healing. You don’t want to disturb the blood clot by smoking. It can become dislodged, leading to a condition called dry socket (alveolar osteitis). You must follow the advice of your Charlotte oral surgeon so that you can heal properly.

We bring you back into our office a few times to check on you and the progress of your healing. You may need to come in a few times over several weeks so we can remove stitches or take X-rays. 

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