What is a Dental Crown?

Find out why this is one of the most common dental restorations used today.

A dental crown: a tooth-shaped restoration that is completely hollow. Why would our Charlotte, NC, dentists Dr. Richard Bateman, Dr. Joshua Neubauer and Dr. Emerald Powell recommend that you get a dental crown? What is its purpose and how can it benefit you?

There are many reasons why our Charlotte, NC, general dentist might advise you to get a dental crown. In most cases, a dental crown offers restorative benefits, but sometimes the advantages can be cosmetic, too. When a dental crown is cemented into place over a tooth it becomes its new outer shell. It’s strong, durable and often stronger than the damaged or weakened tooth that’s inside. In essence, the crown becomes a protective fort for your tooth so that no further damage comes to the tooth.

You may require a dental crown if:

  • You have a tooth that is significantly damaged by decay, infection or trauma
  • You have a tooth that is fractured or broken
  • You have a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment
  • You have a tooth that is severely misshapen or discolored
  • You have a tooth that is worn down (e.g. teeth grinding)
  • You a need to support and stabilize a dental bridge
  • You need to complete a dental implant

What goes into getting a dental crown?

Once we determine that you need a dental crown, we will need to prep the tooth first so that the crown can fit over the tooth. If there is decay or an infection present these issues will need to be treated before a crown can be placed.

Next, we will take impressions of your tooth and the surrounding teeth to send to a dental lab. The lab will create your custom permanent crown based on the molds we provide. In the meantime, our Charlotte, NC, family dentist will need to put a temporary crown on the tooth to protect it.

Once your permanent crown is ready you will come back to our office so that we can remove the temporary crown and then check the fit and bite of your new crown before cementing it into place.

Do you want to learn more about getting dental crowns in Charlotte, NC? Do you want to find out if you could benefit from this restoration? If so, then it’s time to call Park Crossing Dentistry today.

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