Six Foods That Are Bad For Teeth and Four Foods That Are Beneficial

Eating Apple

Knowing what foods are both good, and bad for your teeth is a great way to make sure that you are caring for them properly. While you don’t have to completely eliminate foods from your diet, it is good to know what to do to lower your risks of any potential dental problems that could come from those foods while preserving your smile.

Out with the bad


While coffee is healthy in its natural form, it is the addition of sugary additives that make it unhealthy. Two things to keep in mind are that coffee can stain your teeth and caffeine can dry out your mouth.

Toothsaving Tip​ – Use a straw to keep coffee from staining your teeth and make sure to drink plenty of water to keep your mouth hydrated!


Popcorn is a popular snack that can lead to some not so enjoyable tooth problems. Chewing on hard food, such as popcorn kernels can cause teeth to crack, or even break. It can also damage any restorations you have done on your teeth, or even cause a gum abscess if a hull gets stuck and isn’t taken care of

Toothsaving Tip​ – If you choose to eat popcorn, make sure that you get all the remnants of the popcorn out, including the hulls, by flossing gently. As you are munching, watch careful for any unpopped kernels that may be lingering in the bag.


While citrus foods are packed with Vitamin C, the acidity in them can cause erosion of your enamel which makes your teeth more susceptible to decay. They can also worsen sores that you have in your mouth.

Toothsaving Tip​ – Eat or drink any citrus with a meal, and be sure to rinse your mouth out when you have finished.


Sour candies are full of sugar, are often chewy. They contain different kinds of acidic ingredients than their sweet counterpart. It’s no surprise that candy isn’t good for your teeth, but understanding that sour candies can stick to your teeth and have added acidity may come as a surprise.

Toothsaving Tip​ – If you are craving something sweet, try to avoid sour candy. Chocolate or even ice cream is easier to wash off your teeth to keep them healthy.


Soda is extremely acidic and full of sugar. If you drink soda a few times throughout your day, you are coating your teeth in a layer of sugary acid that will cling to your teeth, potentially causing rapid decay. They can also dry out your mouth and stain your teeth.

Toothsaving Tip​ – After you finish your soda, rinse your mouth out with water. Do not brush your teeth immediately following as it can actually speed up the damage to your enamel. Also, drink soda with a straw to bypass most of your mouth.


While bread is not typically seen as something bad for your teeth, it breaks down quickly and turns into sugars that can linger in your mouth. Gummy white bread tends to have a higher sugar content thus making it harder on your teeth

Toothsaving Tip​ – Consider switching from white bread to whole grain bread which contains less sugar and takes longer to break down.

In with the good


Apples are a great tasting good that also happen to be really good for your mouth! The action of eating an apple actually causes your mouth to produce more saliva which helps rinse out particles and bacteria that could cause problems in the future. The texture also stimulates the gums. While eating an apple doesn’t replace brushing your teeth, they have some great benefits that can help your teeth if you don’t have time to brush right away.


Leafy greens are full of vitamins and minerals which have numerous benefits for your whole body. Kale and spinach promote oral health as they are high in calcium. Add a leafy green to your smoothie, toss some kale in your salad, or try spinach on pizza


Cheese isn’t just great on pizza, it also can help you maintain your smile. Cheese is full of calcium which helps you have strong teeth. It also contains casein which has been shown to help with remineralizing tooth enamel.


Carrots are high in vitamin A, B6, biotin, and fiber making them an all-around snack. They also are abrasive so they act almost like a toothbrush and help remove buildup and plaque from your teeth and gums.

Balancing out the food that isn’t so good with some foods that are better is a sure way to help your teeth stay in great shape! For more information on how to maintain strong teeth and a healthy smile, give us a call. Park Crossing Dentistry would like to be your number one choice for dentistry in Charlotte. 



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