Non-surgical Periodontal Gum Treatment in Charlotte, NC

Sometimes we find patients who have developed periodontal disease from poor oral health due to lack of proper home care, certain medical conditions, or poor eating habits.  Periodontal disease is active infection in the mouth and is very serious. If untreated, it will lead to tooth loss.

If your gums bleed easily when brushing or flossing or you have chronic bad breath, you should tell your Hygienist.  This may be a sign you have Periodontal Disease.

When you are in our office for your regular check up, your Hygienist will examine your gum tissue and examine the health of your gum tissue and how it attaches to your teeth and bones.  If there are areas that are detached, she will show you the areas that need to be treated.  Early stages of periodontal disease are treated with non-surgical methods.  This usually consists of hand scaling and the use of an ultrasonic cleaner to remove the active infection, tartar below the gum line and bacterial plaque.  The root surface may also need to be smoothed down.  This process is called Scaling and Root Planning. This detailed procedure is performed by our Dental Hygienists under the supervision of our Dentists.

Our goal is for you to have a healthy mouth without active infection and this procedure is very successful with the patients who will also follow the proper home care.  Many patients see considerable improvement after this procedure and can be placed in Periodontal Maintenance to maintain the healthy gums.

If you have pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes or heart disease, then you can see treatment of Periodontal Disease as an avenue to assist your overall health.  Though it is not a cure for diabetes or heart disease, we have seen research that suggests that those medical conditions can benefit from periodontal therapy.

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For more information on Non-surgical Periodontal Gum Treatment in the Charlotte, NC area, contact Park Crossing Dentistry by filling in our Contact Form or calling (704) 541-5059 today!