Dentures in Rock Hill, SC


When you have missing teeth, a visit to Park Crossing Dentistry’s Charlotte office that serves Rock Hill should be the first step towards the smile you are looking for. 

If your natural teeth are either missing or have recently been removed, the first step towards getting you the dentures you need is letting the area heal. Then, our dental professionals can begin addressing the problem of the empty spaces and suggest either dental implants, full dentures, or partial dentures to cover the site where you have missing teeth. 

Your visit to Park Crossing Dentistry near Rock Hill means you have come to the right place to care for all of your dental needs. Give us a call today to get started recovering your smile and your enjoyment of food with no worries.

Full Dentures

Full dentures are made once all the teeth have either fallen out or been removed and the gum has had time to heal. This is usually a period of 8 to 12 weeks. 

At Park Crossing Dentistry, we understand you might feel uncomfortable without teeth for such a long time, which is why we will give you temporary dentures that can be made in advance. We will then ask you to come back to our Charlotte clinic near Rock Hill to have your permanent dentures fitted.

Partial Dentures

A bridge or partial denture has a pink plastic base that may also have a metal frame to hold the piece in place. This type of denture is used to cover the space left by missing teeth when there are some natural teeth in place to which it can be attached. 

Once the bridge is cemented into place, you can rest assured that the rest of your teeth will not change position. 

Depending on your particular situation, we can also offer you a removable partial denture that can attach to adjacent teeth. Visit our dental office near Rock Hill to find out more about the option that works best for you.


Will my dentures make me look different?

The dental team at Park Crossing Dentistry near Rock Hill has made many people happy with their new dentures, and they know how to make your new teeth look as good as your natural teeth did. You may notice a slight difference initially, but the feeling will disappear after a few days, and you will love your new facial appearance.

How do dentures feel?

When you first get your new dentures, you might feel a little odd. Within a couple of weeks, your cheeks and tongue will learn to maintain them in their position, and you will not have to think twice about removing or inserting them. 

Any small bother will disappear as your mouth adjusts. The result will be replacement teeth that are comfortable and look natural.

Will my speech sound different?

In the beginning, it may feel strange every time you pronounce certain words. Take a few minutes standing before a mirror and practice those hard-to-pronounce words out loud. You will see how easy it becomes to say those words after a short while.

If you can hear a clicking sound when you speak, make an appointment at our clinic that serves Rock Hill to adjust your dentures. You will soon get the hang of repositioning the dentures when you feel they are slipping until you don’t get this feeling anymore.

Do you recommend I use an adhesive?

We recommend denture adhesives when:

  • You want to increase the satisfaction you feel every time you wear your dentures since adhesives help to enhance retention and stability.
  • You have conditions such as dry mouth or usually take a cold medication since an adhesive can help your dentures stay in place.
  • Your daily activities imply speaking in public or singing since you don’t want to feel unsure as to how your dentures will respond in those situations.

How should I care for my dentures?

Dentures need to be handled with care. We recommend placing a towel by your sink and working over it. Also:

  • Avoid using regular toothpaste since it is abrasive and may scratch your dentures. Brush them with a soft brush with either dishwasher or hand soap.
  • Never use bleach since it can whiten the pink section of your dentures.
  • Always keep them moist when they are not in your mouth.
  • Make an appointment to have your dentures checked every six months at Park Crossing Dentistry’s clinic near Rock Hill.
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