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As parents, you want the best for your children in every aspect of life — their dental health is no exception. Our pediatric dentistry team at Park Crossing Dentistry specializes in turning what can be an intimidating experience for your little ones into a journey of trust and fun. We believe in building a foundation for a lifetime of healthy dental habits, wrapped in layers of nurturing family care. Schedule an appointment today and let us ensure your child receives advanced pediatric dental care.

Our Pediatric Dental Services in Pineville

Infant oral health exams

Checking the development of your baby’s gums, jaw, and any erupted or emerging teeth is important to make sure there is no early decay, unusual growth patterns, or other dental anomalies. We also take the time to educate parents on teething, proper gum care before teeth eruption, and how to manage common oral health issues in infants.

Teeth cleanings and oral hygiene education

We use age-appropriate, gentle techniques to remove plaque and tartar buildup. More importantly, each session is an educational experience. We teach kids about the importance of oral hygiene in a fun, engaging way, showing them the right brushing and flossing techniques.

Dental sealants application

We offer advanced dental sealants, which are not just a protective coat but a part of a holistic cavity-prevention strategy. These sealants are carefully applied to the grooves and depressions of the back teeth, which are most susceptible to cavities.

Fluoride treatments

We check the risk of tooth decay and apply a concentration of fluoride that will strengthen the enamel without overexposure. This dental treatment is particularly beneficial for children who are at a higher risk of developing dental caries.

Nutrition and diet counseling for oral health

If you want guidance on personalized dietary guidelines to help prevent dental problems in your kids, our pediatric dentistry team can help with that, too. You will be provided a list of foods to avoid as well as suggestions for tooth-friendly snacks and meals that promote a healthy oral environment.

Tooth fillings and defect repair

If cavities have led to tooth decay, our tooth-filling services will take care of that. We use materials that are safe, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, so the repair looks natural. We also specialize in treating tooth defects, whether congenital or acquired, restoring both function and appearance.

Habit intervention techniques

If your child has a persistent habit of sucking their thumb or using a pacifier, it can result in issues like misaligned teeth, bite problems, and changes in the roof of the mouth. We use evidence-based techniques to gently wean children off these habits. We may also recommend customized dental appliances in some cases.

Early orthodontic consultations

These preventive care assessments analyze the child’s teeth, bite, jaw alignment, and space for emerging teeth. Our pediatric dentists from a recognized dental school provide proactive guidance and, if necessary, early intervention treatments such as space maintainers or palatal expanders to address bite issues or crowding before they become more problematic.

Emergency dental services

Whether you live in Fort Mill, Pineville, or the surrounding areas, our dental office located in Charlotte is equipped to handle a range of urgent issues, from minor toothaches to significant dental trauma and root canals. If your little one is having any kind of oral health emergency, you can simply walk in or book an emergency dental care appointment for the same day.

A Gentle Approach to Dental Care for Kids

We’re parents, too, so we understand how important it is to take a gentle approach with kids. For our little patients, our dental team uses the least invasive methods to ensure a stress-free experience. To that end, we have created a space where your child will feel right at home. With specialized dental equipment, treatments feel less intimidating.

Choose a Dedicated Pediatric Dentist for Your Child

At Park Crossing Dentistry, we have been caring for young smiles since 1984. Our reputation is built on 40 years of expert pediatric dental care, reflected in our hundreds of 5-star reviews. As part of the community in Charlotte, we take pride in serving families with a conservative approach.
Our dentist in the Pineville area will only recommend excessive or aggressive dental procedures if they are absolutely necessary. If you would like to set up a visit or you have any questions, feel free to call us at 980-238-3731 or contact us online.

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