How Dentures Can Restore Your Smile

Find out what type of dentures will fit your tooth loss needs.

No matter whether you are missing a couple or all of your teeth, our Charlotte, NC, dentists Dr. Richard Bateman, Dr. Joshua denturesNeubauer and Dr. Emerald Powell have a variety of tooth replacement options to help replace your missing teeth and to give you back a full smile. If you are looking for a fast, simple solution for restoring your smile then you may want to consider how dentures could improve your oral health.

What are dentures?

Dentures are an oral prosthetic designed to replace your missing teeth. In most cases, dentures are a removable set of teeth made up of a plastic foundation and a set of false teeth. The plastic foundation is designed to mimic the appearance of real gum tissue. While dentures won’t function in the exact same way as real teeth, dentures do provide many people with complete, healthy-looking smiles.

What are the different kinds of dentures available in Charlotte, NC?

The two main types of dentures are partial and full dentures. Partial dentures are used when you are missing some teeth but still have healthy teeth left. On the other hand, full dentures are used when you are missing an entire row of teeth. Conventional dentures are designed to specifically fit your mouth, which will require our dentist to take impressions of your mouth beforehand.

Of course, if you have to get a tooth extraction to remove certain diseased or damaged teeth, we will need to give your gums time to heal from the procedure before placing permanent dentures; however, we understand the importance of being able to have teeth to chew and speak during those weeks where your gums are healing. In this case, our Charlotte, NC, restorative dentist will place immediate dentures. They will provide you with teeth during the healing process.

Nowadays many adults are turning to dental implants to replace their teeth. Did you know that implants can also help denture wearers? If you find that your dentures move or shift around in your mouth, particularly when trying to talk or eat certain foods, this might be a bit frustrating. But by getting dental implants, these metal restorations can easily hold your false teeth in place so they don’t move around.

Are you interested in getting dentures to restore your missing teeth? If you want to find out if you are a good candidate for dentures then call Park Cross Dentistry in Charlotte, NC, for your consultation.

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