Dr. Bateman - Park Crossing Dentistry

36 years ago, Dr. Bateman started Park Crossing Dentistry.  While it started as “Richard Bateman, DDS”, it has evolved into a thriving practice with four dentists, 5 hygienists, 3 assistants, and several admin staff. Dr. Bateman, fresh out of dental school, started this practice with a large loan and big ambitions to start a friendly, on-time, and “patient-first “dental practice in the southern part of Mecklenburg County. Before there was a hospital in our area, Dr. Bateman worked 6 days a week practicing dentistry and cleaning teeth (even perio scaling and root planing) by himself with one assistant who also helped check patients out.  Dr. Bateman’s wife worked in the front office 2 days a week while in Architecture School. So, as a team, they started down an unusual path that you do not see dentists try anymore.  Most dentists buy existing practices but back in 1984, it seemed like the right thing to do.  Over the years, Dr. Bateman grew the practice and moved from 10724 Park Road because they were tearing down his office to build part of the hospital. 

At the time, the hospital was called Mercy Hospital South and now it is CMC Pineville.  He moved the practice one block east to 10512 Park Road, Suite 113. This office is now Gary Waldman, MD’s office.  From there, he moved the practice to the our current location, 10009 Park Cedar Drive in 1999.  He moved because he needed more space and was introducing computers & digital X-rays.  We transferred all charts into a digital format and now we can easily get to patients information. In 2016, Dr. Bateman acquired a partner, Dr. Josh Neubauer.  Dr. Neubauer is a breath of fresh air and patients love him.  He is easy to work with and between the two of them, the practice continues to thrive.

Marketing a new practice in 1984 was difficult. We booked one small YellowPage ad in the phone book and the rest of the practice growth was due to patients spreading the word.  Now, we are heavily involved in digital marketing and follow up. Things have certainly changed over time!

If you happen to be by the office this week, please stop by to tell the staff hello and congrats on a long history of seeing patients and treating them as family. We love our patients and hope to continue down this path together!



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