Halloween Candy and Our Kids’ Teeth

Halloween is a fun time for kids and we think they should really enjoy it!  Following a few tips during this time can offset future cavities:

  1. Let them have (some) candy! But make sure they brush after they indulge! 
  2. Avoid letting your kids eat hard candy such as Jolly Ranchers. Hard candy stays in their mouth longer and lets sugar stay on teeth too long. This destroys enamel.
  3. Avoid sticky candy such as fruit snacks. Although they seem healthy, fruit snacks are sticky and get lodged into teeth crevices and tend to stay on the enamel too long.
  4. Avoid sugar sticks.  The yummy sugar sticks are bad because they keep sugar on the teeth too long. Again, enamel is broken down causing tooth decay.
  5. If your child does receive a lot of candy, please give them only a little at a time and preferably after meals so that way they are not eating candy on and off all day. Then make sure they brush and rinse.

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