Gum Disease linked to COVID-19 Complications

Recent studies have proven that if you have Periodontal Disease, then you are at risk of death if you contract COVID-19. The study compared non-perio patients’ ability to combat the disease once contracted. It states, “of 568 COVID-19 patients in the study, 258 (45%) had gum disease. After adjusting for age, sex, BMI, smoking status, and other conditions, the odds ratios for COVID-19 complications in patients with gum disease, compared to those without gum disease, were 3.67 (95% confidence interval) for all COVID-19 complications, 3.54 for ICU admission, 4.57 for ventilator requirement, and 8.81 for death.

Gum Disease

The authors stated: “If a causal link is established between periodontitis and increased rates of adverse outcomes in COVID-19 patients, then establishing and maintaining periodontal health may become an important part of the care of these patients. If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease, see your dentist get treated. It will help your overall health to prevent many diseases“.

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