Featuring Dr. Pendse

Dr. Pendse is passionate about Dentistry!  Did you know she attended dental school both in the United States and in India?  Because of the requirements to be a dentist in the U.S., she chose to go to school here as well. Here is her story:

Dr.Pendse was born and raised in Mumbai, India. She graduated as a dentist in India and practiced general dentistry for 2 yrs in Mumbai. She came to the US after marriage to her husband who at the time was settled in Overland Park, Kansas. Her husband has a masters in electrical engineering from Kansas University.  She is the only dentist in her family.  Her mother is a retired banker. Her father, husband and brother-in-law are engineers.

Dr.Pendse went back to dental school at UCSF to be able to pursue her career in the US. She lived in California for 6 yrs before moving to Charlotte in 2011.

Although she never received any formal training, she loves music and can play the harmonium (an Indian musical instrument similar to piano but played only with one hand). She hopes to be able to learn to play the piano someday. She loves to travel to different places and learn about different cultures. She enjoys hiking and watching romantic/comedy movies. She believes in healthy eating and keeping fit and she exercises at least 4 times a week.

She also enjoys cooking, volunteering at her son’s school (which both she and her son look forward to) and attending her son’s activities which include soccer and swimming. She enjoys playing softball and badminton whenever her schedule permits.



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