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Food For Thought

December 9, 2015

It has been stated that if you are right handed, you tend to chew your food on your right side. If you’re left handed, you will tend to chew your food on your left side. Which side do YOU chew on?

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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 25, 2015

All of us from Park Crossing Dentistry wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your family, friends and lots of delicious food!

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On-Time Appointments

May 20, 2015

It is our goal to be on time for all patient appointments.  We are currently at 95% on-time appointments and are working hard to take every patient back on time. Occasionally we are behind because of an emergency but we will always keep you informed if we think we are going to be late so […]

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Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment Refreshes Your Smile

May 11, 2015

Keeping a healthy and good-looking smile for a lifetime takes more than brushing and flossing your teeth. Routine dental check-ups and cleanings are important as well. Without them, the very foundations of your teeth can suffer from a condition called periodontitis or advanced gum disease. Before an individual loses teeth and experiences gum and jawbone recession, his […]

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Giving Back

February 11, 2015

For the past 6 years, Park Crossing Dentistry has had the privilege of hosting students as part of Charlotte’s Give Kids a Smile Day! We have provided free dental services to under-served and under-privileged children. We were so happy to volunteer to help these kids. Hats off to our staff!

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4 Holiday Drinks to Avoid for Your Teeth

December 19, 2014

Charlotte dentist Dr. Richard Bateman sees many patients in advance of the winter holiday season. This is the time of year when many people splurge on tasty foods, treats and drinks. Generally you’ll want to avoid any beverage that has a high acidic or sugar content. Here is a short list of four specific drinks […]

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Voted Charlotte’s Best Dental Practice

November 26, 2014

Thank You to all who voted for us!

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Chewing Gum

April 16, 2014

Every year, kids in North America spend close to half a billion dollars on chewing gum.

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A Winter Wonderland

February 26, 2014

Although kids of all ages had a great time when it snowed recently, we were disappointed that we could not serve our patients for two days.  In the 29 years Dr. Bateman has been practicing, it was only the fourth time we had to completely close due to inclement weather.

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Visiting Your Dentist

February 19, 2014

According to a recent survey by Time magazine, 59% of Americans would rather go to a dental appointment than sit next to someone talking on a cell phone.

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