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Dr. Bateman started Park Crossing Dentistry 29 years ago this week with a business philosophy of: "I treat and diagnose every patient as if they are my mother, wife or children. I want to practice ethical and practical dentistry for all my patients."  Congratulations Dr. Bateman on succeeding in your philosophy!


Congrats Dr. Bateman
By Holly Blake, Patient
September 11, 2013
WOW! 29 years! I know, in all my years of going to the dentist, you are THE BEST I have ever had. What I love most is you treat the problem and maintain what's needed; always willling to work with all your patient's to ensure they have quality of care. The staff in your office are awesome and I appreciate all the excellent care you have provided me and my family. Thank you! Please don't plan on retiring any time soon!!

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10009 Park Cedar Dr. Suite 200
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