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Many of our patients participate in our free Whitening for Life program. These patients keep a zero balance, have no broken appointments and see us regularly for their six-month checkups. We take custom impressions at a quick 30-minute appointment. Plastic trays are then formed and ready for pickup within a few business days. Whitening gel and an instruction sheet are included with the custom trays. We have enjoyed providing this benefit to our patients over the years!

An intraoral camera is an instrument, which may look like an oversized pen, that takes high-resolution, color photos of a patient’s mouth and shows the visuals real-time on a computer monitor. It enables our dental team to make diagnoses more accurately. Not only is it a diagnostic tool, but an educational tool as well. The more a patient sees and understands, the more confident they can be when making treatment decisions. The images remain a part of the patient’s health record to make tracking any future changes simple.

Many parents ask if they should have sealants placed for their children and teenagers. We recommend sealants because they act as a barrier to prevent cavities. They are typically applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth where decay occurs the most. Although brushing and flossing help to remove food particles from the smooth tooth surfaces, they cannot reach all the way into the grooves and depressions. Sealants protect these vulnerable areas by “sealing out” food and plaque.

May 02, 2017
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None of us likes to hear that we have a cavity. Those small holes in our teeth are not uncommon and can be easily treated when caught early. Getting the cavity-detecting xrays on an annual basis helps to discover cavities before they progress into a more costly and serious situation such as pain, infection or even tooth loss.

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