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By Bateman Family Dentistry
August 26, 2015
Category: Crowns
Tags: Dental Crowns  

Dental CrownsHas your dentist at Park Crossing Dentistry in South Charlotte, NC mentioned that you might need a dental crown, either now or in the near future? If so, chances are you want to learn as much about this dental device as possible. Read on to learn more about dental crowns and if they might be right for you.

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that cover or replace your damaged or missing teeth. They can be made out of metal, acrylic, porcelain or ceramic. They can be attached to the existing part of your tooth, attached to the teeth on either side with a dental bridge or securely attached to your jawbone with a dental implant. Once a dental crown is placed, it looks and functions exactly like a normal tooth.

Why Would Someone Need a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns can be used to strengthen or protect your existing teeth or to replace any teeth that are missing. Your dentist at Park Crossing Dentistry in South Charlotte, NC may recommend a dental crown if you have a fractured tooth, a tooth with a large cavity that is too big for a filling, or a tooth that is severely discolored or poorly shaped. Dental crowns are also commonly used after a root canal or to replace a tooth that is badly damaged or missing altogether.

Is a Dental Crown Right for Me?

If your tooth is badly damaged or missing altogether, especially if you have any of the conditions listed above, a dental crown may be right for you. Only a dentist can let you know for sure, however, so if you have any questions, feel free to call dentists Richard Bateman, D.D.S., Joshua Neubauer, D.D.S., or Shraddha Pendse, D.D.S., at Park Crossing Dentistry in South Charlotte, NC to set up an appointment. Our dentists would love to speak to you and to help advise you on what treatment method might be right for you.

August 25, 2015
Category: Treatment
Tags: Fillings  

Older silver, metallic fillings are a thing of the past. Today’s standard and best practice is to fill a tooth with a composite material (often called white or tooth-colored fillings). Our family dentistry has many colors so we can match your teeth perfectly. This advanced material is completely safe and where a patient has decay or a chip, the dentist uses it to fill the tooth. The composite material is cured with a special light. After your tooth is filled, you can eat and drink as soon as you want since the material is cured instantly. Ask us about using composites for your next filling.

August 18, 2015
Category: Staff
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We are excited to announce that Evelyn, our Hygiene Coordinator, is expecting a baby early in September. We will miss her while she is on maternity leave! Congratulate her the next time you are in the office. There will be lots of pictures to share.

The family dentists at Park Crossing Dentistry recommend that you brush your teeth three times a day.  Many times it is hard to squeeze in that third time so make sure you at least brush before bedtime. Your saliva production slows down while you sleep so it does not protect your teeth as well at night. Flossing is recommended once a day but twice would be great!

August 04, 2015
Category: Broken Teeth
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If you experience a cracked tooth, you will want to see your dentist as soon as possible since there is no way to treat it at home. If left untreated, decay can develop in that tooth.  Deep cracks can cause deep decay resulting in an extraction or a costly root canal.  Treating a cracked tooth quickly is also important because a patient could develop a severe tooth ache and perhaps at a bad time.

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