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Posts for: February, 2015

February 25, 2015
Category: Treatment
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Is it spring yet? We are here cleaning, drilling and filling even in the snowy cold.

February 17, 2015
Category: Missing Teeth
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Did you know that the average adult between the ages of 20 and 64 has three or more decayed or missing teeth?

 If you are missing one or more teeth, there are plenty of reasons to correct the problem. 

Missing teeth can be corrected with a removable appliance that looks very natural. 

It is called a partial denture. Other ways to replace a tooth can be a permanent bridge.  

A permanent bridge is cemented into place.  Another way is to place a dental implant in the missing tooth area. 

The dental implant is a great long-term solution for a missing tooth.

February 11, 2015
Category: Dentistry
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For the past 6 years, Park Crossing Dentistry has had the privilege of hosting students as part of Charlotte's Give Kids a Smile Day! We have provided free dental services to under-served and under-privileged children. We were so happy to volunteer to help these kids. Hats off to our staff!

February 04, 2015
Category: Staff
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Please welcome Annie to our staff! She will be working for us as a Hygienist on a part-time basis. Annie’s profile can be located on our webpage. Annie is an accomplished hygienist and consults with other dental practices all over the nation. We feel very lucky to have her!  Make your next appointment with Annie; you will enjoy meeting her!

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