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We are excited to announce that in addition to Dr. Bateman, Dr. Neubauer is now a certified Invisalign provider.   Invisalign invisible braces are an excellent alternative to traditional brackets with outstanding results.

Oral Cancer is becoming more common in our fast lives due to smoking, diet and lifestyle choices.  Doing an advanced but simple 2-minute test in your hygienist’s chair will be able to detect the early stages of oral cancer.

invisalignMany of our South Charlotte dentist patients come to our office for Invisalign therapy because they desire straighter teeth. While the cosmetic benefits are certainly an important factor, straight teeth can also mean a healthier smile as well.
Before we discuss these benefits, it’s important to define just what Invisalign therapy is. Invisalign is an orthodontic service that serves as an alternative to braces. Invisalign can correct mild to moderate dental alignment issues by having the patient wear invisible aligners that snap on over the teeth. Every two weeks, the patient replaces the aligners with a new set to continually straighten the teeth over time -- and without anyone ever knowing you are straightening your teeth.
Invisalign offers numerous benefits to Dr. Bateman’s South Charlotte dentist patients, including:

Healthier Teeth

When teeth become crowded or twisted, the gums cannot fit as well around your teeth. This can result in reddened, swollen gums. When your teeth are straighter, your gums can be healthier, reducing your risk for periodontal disease.

Improved Cleaning

Straight teeth are easier to clean than crooked teeth. This is because food particles can fit more easily in between crooked teeth. Also, if you choose braces to straighten your teeth, food particles can become trapped as well. Because you can remove the Invisalign aligners when eating, you do not have to restrict your diet.

Better Cosmetic Appearance

A 2012 survey from Kelton Research found that people with straight teeth are more likely to appear successful, have a better personality and have a better social life. An estimated 73 percent of respondents also said they were more likely to trust someone with straight teeth.
For more information on South Charlotte Invisalign therapy, please call Dr. Bateman’s office at (704) 541-5059.

June 11, 2014
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A dentist with a hammer is scary! Seriously, Dr Bateman rescues a staff member from a door that would not unlock. He's our hero!

Please welcome Sun Namkung to Park Crossing Dentistry! Sun is assisting Dr. Bateman and Dr. Pendse while Lorna is on medical leave. Sun is a native of Seoul, South Korea and has lived in Charlotte since 1997. She graduated from CPCC with a certificate in Dental Assisting and has been an assistant for 6 years. When Sun is not assisting, she enjoys travel, playing volleyball and soccer.  We enjoy working with Sun and patients love her happy, caring and quiet nature. Welcome Sun!

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