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Posts for: September, 2012

Don’t wait until April when it is Oral Cancer Awareness month.  Our doctors perform a visual oral cancer exam every time you receive an exam in our Hygiene department.  However, early detection is important and a more comprehensive, one minute test called “Vizilite" gives the doctor detailed, lab-indicated results to detect cancer early. Ask your Hygienist for this early-detection test when you are in our office.

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September 10, 2012
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On September 10, 2012, Bateman Family Dentistry celebrated our 28th anniversary.  Dr Bateman has really enjoyed building the practice and serving the south Charlotte area over the years.

Here is Dr Bateman on September 9, 1984 when he completed his final walk through with his contractor for his first office. This building was torn down years later making way for a larger CMC Pineville.  The first office was approximately where the CMC Pineville Maternity Ward is now located.


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