5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Dentist


A good reputation is probably the most important thing to look for when choosing a dentist. Who knows a dentist better than their patients, especially patients who have been going to the same office for many years. It’s a good idea to visit business review websites like Google and Yelp, and also check a dentist’s website and social media pages for testimonials. See what their patients have to say about their quality of care, services and approach to dentistry. If the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, you know you’re headed in the right direction!

Friendly, Compassionate Team

The relationship you have with your dentist should last for many years. It is important that you are able to establish a good rapport with the dental team and that you feel completely at ease when visiting their office. Check to make sure the environment is clean and appealing. Most importantly, be sure that you are able to relate to the dentist and that they are a good listener with a compassionate and caring nature. If you will be taking your kids, make sure the dentist and hygienists not only have experience with children, but are warm and kind. Forming good dental care habits at an early age is very important and kids need to feel comfortable during their dental visits.

Broad Range of Services Under One Roof

Many general dentistry offices focus on preventative care and basic services such as fillings and crowns. Other practices offer a broader range of services to include cosmetic dentistry, bridges, extractions, root canals and Invisalign clear braces. Having all of these services under one roof is a great benefit. It can save you time and money, as well as eliminate the opportunity for miscommunication with an outside office.


Make sure your dentist is using updated technology for the highest quality dental care. It doesn’t have to be the latest model, but their technology should be advanced enough to catch dental issues early and help you keep your smile in tip-top shape.

Dental Insurance Processing

If you have dental insurance, you will want the dental office you choose to help maximize your benefits and minimize costs. Some dentists require you to pay for your services up front and do not handle insurance. You should look for an office that will process your dental claims and follow up with the insurance company if there is a problem. Although a dental insurance policy is between the patient and the insurance company, there are some dental offices that will go the extra mile on your behalf to resolve any insurance issues.



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