3 Common Dental X-rays

Our dentists in Charlotte use a variety of digital x-rays to examine various parts of your mouth. Each x-ray is used for a different reason and helps the team diagnose different problems.

  • Bitewing X-rays: These x-rays are typically taken once a year, giving clear results necessary for diagnosing decay between the teeth. They allow our dentists to see areas that are not visible to the naked eye. Bitewing x-rays can also help identify variations in bone density caused by gum disease as well as catch any excessive wear in restorations such as fillings. In children and adolescents, they show developing permanent teeth.
  • Periapical X-rays: This type of x-ray, also referred to as a PA, focuses primarily on one tooth at a time. It shows the entire tooth, from the top to the root. This x-ray is often used by our team when a patient complains of a toothache. It can detect deep decay, a crack in the tooth, or root issues. The PA can also help in catching cysts and abscesses.
  • Panoramic X-rays: Panoramic x-rays show all of your teeth in one photo (pictured here with Dr. Neubauer). It can also illustrate the jaw joints and the upper sinuses. This type of x-ray is used to determine the position and condition of wisdom teeth as well as detect abnormal growths or jaw issues.

Are you concerned about radiation from x-rays? All of our x-ray machines are digital and provide the safest technology available. Digital x-rays produce less radiation exposure than walking from your car to the front door of our dental office.

Common Dental X-rays



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